‘I don’t want to own a job. I want to own a business’

Earle BurrowsWith the 15th anniversary celebration under his belt, Earle Burrows, CEO of Human Performance Centre, is in his happy place. Earle, an endurance sport enthusiast, leads an accomplished team of physiotherapists, massage therapists and kinesiologists at his thriving clinic on Westfield Road in Saint John.

Only one of nine McKenzie-certified physiotherapists in New Brunswick, Earle has a BSc in biology from Dalhousie University and a physiotherapy degree from Queens University. Read the rest of this entry »

Is your Workplace Culture by Default, or by Design?

Interestingly, the concept of culture comes up over and over again in our business. Do you have a culture by default, or by design?  What we’re finding is that more and more progressive organizations are consciously choosing a culture by design.  As you can imagine, it takes hard work.

I had the pleasure of speaking to a room full of very bright minds at the NBIF Cox & Palmer and Deloitte R3 (Recognizing Research Results) Gala recently.  This event aims to connect researchers and business people to network and discover the opportunities they can bring to each other. My presentation took place at the afternoon, during the “Tech Trends & Scaling Startups Successfully” session. Read the rest of this entry »

We test. We don’t guess.

Jamie Heffernan

When Jamie Heffernan, the owner and operator of JH Sports, introduces athletes to a cutting-edge technology that can enhance performance he gets their full attention. photo: The Daily Gleaner

Cutting-edge technology helps enhance athletes’ performance.

Competitive athletes are constantly looking for the edge that can take their game to the next level so when Jamie Heffernan, the owner and operator of JH Sports, introduces them to a cutting-edge technology that can enhance athletic performance he gets their full attention.

Jamie uses 3D motion capture technology to design exercise regimes that increase things such as skating speed and efficiency. But he can help more than hockey players. His clientele includes golfers, basketball players, runners, Olympic athletes and more. Read the rest of this entry »

On the lookout for Mr. Callaway and Mr. Titleist

Matthew Vance

Matthew Vance got a hole-in-one with a Castaway “Retrieved” Golf Ball in Toronto – obviously, golf ball performance is not affected by spending time in a pond.

UNB engineering grad Matthew Vance sees collecting golf balls as a grown man’s Easter egg hunt. Matt and his father, Kevin, built a unique machine that can haul in 70 balls a minute from a water hazard and sell what he likes to call “experienced balls” to Maritime businesses.

Matthew, now president and CEO of Fredericton-based Castaway Golf Technologies, incorporated the business in 2014. They developed an innovative solution that is more efficient and effective than existing practices for golf ball retrieval. By removing the balls from the ponds that they are polluting, they can provide golfers with a top quality ball at a 50 per cent discount. Read the rest of this entry »

What Ladder are You Climbing?

4 stages ladderHave you ever had the wonderful experience of trying something relatively new to you and learning very quickly how inadequate you feel? I did recently when I went to Get Air Trampoline Park with my kids over spring break.

Who knew that playing dodge ball or dunking a basketball on a series of trampolines could be so incredibly challenging?! Read the rest of this entry »