The Art of Reframing

Introduction by Dave Veale…

Marilyn Orr, a fellow executive coach at Vision Coaching, is ‘wholehearted’ which means that you get the raw truth. It is a quality I really admire in her. She’s written extensively on resiliency and like all of us, she’s learning as she goes. She’s gone through some unbelievable ups and downs lately and has made it through stronger than ever. What would break some people hasn’t broken Marilyn. A wonderful result of her most recent journey is that we have Marilyn working on both sides of the Canada/US border now!

Here’s Marilyn’s story…

Marilyn OrrThe Art of Reframing

Reframing is the technique, skill really, of looking at a situation from a different perspective. A great “reframe” brings back hope, new perspective, possibility, vision.

This past year has been a very stressful transition year for me. In my years as a therapist and currently in my career as an executive coach I often use reframing with my clients. I had to aggressively use it to get through this past year. It was one of my most used resiliency tools. Read the rest of this entry »

Nurturing change, leading with the heart


Cindy Donovan, Loch Lomond Villa

Cindy Donovan, CEO of Loch Lomond Villa Inc. in Saint John. Over the last 12 years, she has guided the nursing home through a shift in culture and significant growth. Photo: Cindy Wilson/Telegraph-Journal

Cindy Donovan leads with her heart. She has been the CEO of Loch Lomond Villa for 12 years now and the unique approach Cindy takes at the Villa ensures each resident receives the most innovative and expert care possible. Read the rest of this entry »

A straight-talking leader, dedicated to lifelong learning

Donnie Fillmore

Donnie Fillmore keeps his goals for business and personal life on the door facing his desk.
Photo: Greg Agnew/Times & Transcript

If you are looking for straight talk then you have to meet Donnie Fillmore. He calls it as he sees it. And, as I have learned, he is not one to mince words. My guess is that this quality is one of the many reasons he recently received a Top 20 Under 40 Award for trucking in Canada.

Donnie is a strong advocate for the trucking industry and currently serves as chairman of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (APTA).

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On Innovation with David Alston

David Alston

“The bottom line is, the world runs on valued relationships between people”, says marketer and innovator David Alston, shown here at Planet Hatch in Fredericton.
Photo: James West, The Daily Gleaner

As published in the Telegraph-Journal Saturday, May 31, 2014

David Alston, chief innovation officer at Introhive, has always bounced back and forth between his three loves – technology, marketing and strategy.

If you look at his career path, he’s been involved in startups – generally tech startups – and marketing agencies.

Then there’s David’s happy place, where technology meets marketing – creating movements via marketing, helping and empowering people. He likes how it all can come together into an overall strategy.

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A lesson for entrepreneurs: Do you want to be liked or respected?

Business Column as published in the Telegraph-Journal May 17, 2014

Terri-Ann Cormier, part owner of Saint John franchise. Photo: Kâté Braydon/Telegraph-Journal

Terri-Ann Cormier, part owner of Saint John franchise. Photo: Kâté Braydon/Telegraph-Journal

Wallace McCain Institute’s entrepreneurial leadership program has been life changing for many entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada. Every one of the program’s alumni has a story – an incredible story in some cases. Terri-Ann Cormier is no exception.

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