Talking leadership with power broker
Aldéa Landry

Business Hall of Fame laureate Aldéa Landry. [Photo: Ron Ward/Times & Transcript]</br>

Business Hall of Fame laureate Aldéa Landry.
[Photo: Ron Ward/Times & Transcript]

As published in the Telegraph-Journal 19 Apr 2014

Aldéa Landry has done many things in her extraordinary career. She is a former chair of the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (the first woman to occupy the position) as well as being a member of the board of directors of the Bank of Canada and of the Security Intelligence Review Committee.

Aldéa was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1987 and to the Privy Council of Canada in 2005, she was awarded the Order of Canada in 2006 and received The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.

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What’s YOUR body language saying?

Don Khoury

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What kind of body language mistakes do you think people make
when speaking or making presentations?


Robin Sharma: How to Lead without Title


Robin Sharma

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What’s your best advice to lead effectively?

I’m not a salesperson or a negotiator. I’m a facilitator.

Scott Darling ~ Darling Real Estate

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What do you find unique about doing business with Maritimers?

Coaching vs. Mentoring: Do you know the difference?

How do leaders know when it’s time to coach and when mentoring is more appropriate?

Good question.

I had the privilege of sitting on a panel at an event entitled ‘Inspiring Mentors, Connecting New Brunswick’ last week. The event was sponsored by The Financial and Consumer Services Commission and, given the capacity attendance, was hitting on a hot topic – the importance of mentorship to businesses, communities and individuals.

fullsail SpeakersI jumped at the opportunity to be part of the conversation – our mandate at Vision Coaching is to help educate the business community – and leaders – on what coaching is and how it both compliments and differs from mentoring.

We’ve found the most effective way to educate leaders is to have them participate in an interactive workshop where they see demonstrations of – and ultimately experience – coaching and mentorship skills. These workshops quickly highlight the power of both mentoring and coaching when used properly.

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