The Importance of Coaching Breakthru Leaders

Attending the Breakthru awards event is one of the highlights of my year.  Breakthru – hosted by the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF), Breakthru logoCox & Palmer and Deloitte, is a nation-wide start-up competition that provides participants with a unique opportunity to access start-up capital, mentoring and support.

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Clayton Arthur Jackson [October 27, 1971 – December 4, 2016]

Clayton Arthur Jackson

Clayton Arthur Jackson

My last communication with Clay was the following back and forth (Clay had been looking at my Facebook profile which is a picture of my son):

Clay: Your kid is way better looking than you are.

Me: Ha ha – very true. How have you been?

Clay: Still short and sexy.

It was classic Clayton Jackson. The guy I met in grade 4 who became one of my closest friends. I realize you shouldn’t live with regrets, but had I known this was the last time we’d be communicating I would have told him: Read the rest of this entry »

Surprise! Leading through change…

Yes. It's a girl!

Yes. It’s a girl!

You know that great feeling when your kids are well out of diapers, gaining more independence every day, and you are functioning well as a family – schedules are set, roles are established and you’re enjoying that next stage in your life?

I was exactly there this year. My kids, a 10 and 6 year old, were thriving at the same school where my wife, their mom, is a teacher. We had a great rhythm in our lives – we’d sorted out our systems.


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The Power of a Single Question

Bruce McLeod

Bruce McLeod, General Manager, Coaching Services

By Bruce McLeod

It wasn’t very long after having “arrived”  in the role of my dreams – Global VP of Human Resources – that I started to wonder, “what in the world have I done?” I had determined early on in my career that I was going to one-day hold a seat on a senior executive team. It seemed an ambitious goal at times, and yet the closer I got and the more realistic it became, the harder I drove. Read the rest of this entry »

The Intangible Benefits of Coaching – What a Case Study Revealed


We’ve just completed an important case study, headed by Dr. Bill Howatt, which evaluated the impact of one-to-one coaching on leaders of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The value of one-to-one coaching has been broadly adopted in the global business community as an effective lever for personalized leadership development.

Both corporate and public organizations recognize the transformational impact coaching has on a leader’s performance but what would the impact be on a diverse group of SME leaders sprinkled around the province of New Brunswick, Canada? We just found out.

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