Is your Workplace Culture by Default, or by Design?

Interestingly, the concept of culture comes up over and over again in our business. Do you have a culture by default, or by design?  What we’re finding is that more and more progressive organizations are consciously choosing a culture by design.  As you can imagine, it takes hard work.

I had the pleasure of speaking to a room full of very bright minds at the NBIF Cox & Palmer and Deloitte R3 (Recognizing Research Results) Gala recently.  This event aims to connect researchers and business people to network and discover the opportunities they can bring to each other. My presentation took place at the afternoon, during the “Tech Trends & Scaling Startups Successfully” session. Read the rest of this entry »

What Ladder are You Climbing?

4 stages ladderHave you ever had the wonderful experience of trying something relatively new to you and learning very quickly how inadequate you feel? I did recently when I went to Get Air Trampoline Park with my kids over spring break.

Who knew that playing dodge ball or dunking a basketball on a series of trampolines could be so incredibly challenging?! Read the rest of this entry »

A Surprising way to Communicate and Connect at Work and at the Rink

Liam & Kelly

Liam & Coach Kelly

People assume, because I’m a business coach and I once played competitive hockey, that I’d be a good hockey coach.

Those people would be wrong.

I’m quickly learning that coaching 8 & 9 year olds is a daunting task. I’ve mustered up the courage to be an assistant coach this year for my son’s hockey team and I’m paying very close attention to my son’s head coach, Kelly VanBuskirk.

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Let’s move beyond random acts of wellness!

What is Total Health?We’ve been collaborating on an exciting digital coaching initiative. Incite is an online health management tool that will assess your total health and provide you with resources and challenges to help you achieve your total health goals.

Jesse Adams and Darren Steeves of Vendura Wellness along with Bill Howatt of Howatt HR have teamed up to develop the theory behind Incite and now they’ve digitized their theory into a unique learning platform. Read the rest of this entry »

The Dragons recommend Boiling Point Podcast

Our Boiling Point Podcast lands on the Dragon’s Den Top 8 Must-Listen List for Entrepreneurs

Dragon's Den BlogWith a strong nudge from my colleague, good friend and co-host, Greg Hemmings, we embarked on a podcasting journey a little over a year ago (60-ish weekly episodes ago). Greg promised our journey would be fun, interesting and good for business. Well he certainly was prophetic! So much so that, to our pleasant surprise, we recently learned that our Boiling Point Podcast had been included in the Dragon’s Den Top 8 Must Listen Podcasts for Entrepreneurs. Read the rest of this entry »