Who do you call when disaster strikes?

Chris Long ServiceMaster

Chris Long, President, ServiceMaster Saint John
Photo: Craig Allen

Chris Long and his team are there when you really need them and often his customers call when they are in dire straits. They are the disaster restoration specialists at Saint John’s ServiceMaster Restore and ServiceMaster Clean. The franchise employs more than 40 people and uses state-of-the-art cleaning and restoration equipment, proprietary products and also provide ongoing technician training to bring peace of mind when disaster strikes. Read the rest of this entry »

Vision Coaching Launching NEW Website



Vision Coaching is about to launch a new website in the next few weeks, featuring more details on V1 Coaching – a revolutionary system that seamlessly manages the leadership coaching experience and provides an accurate measurement of coaching outcomes. Stay tuned…

500,000+ people eating & living better, thanks to Simply for Life

Bruce Sweeney

Bruce Sweeney, Founder, Simply for Life

Bruce Sweeney started Simply For Life (SFL) in a personal quest for optimal health based on a family history of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Bruce’s personal heart condition motivated him to seek options other than surgery and medications. He began researching alternative ways to stay healthy and became inspired by using exercise and the power of food and nutrition. He also knew there was no magic pill. Read the rest of this entry »

Clayton Arthur Jackson [October 27, 1971 – December 4, 2016]

Clayton Arthur Jackson

Clayton Arthur Jackson

My last communication with Clay was the following back and forth (Clay had been looking at my Facebook profile which is a picture of my son):

Clay: Your kid is way better looking than you are.

Me: Ha ha – very true. How have you been?

Clay: Still short and sexy.

It was classic Clayton Jackson. The guy I met in grade 4 who became one of my closest friends. I realize you shouldn’t live with regrets, but had I known this was the last time we’d be communicating I would have told him: Read the rest of this entry »

How to become more professional, more promotable

Jim Kokocki

Jim Kokocki, past President of Toastmasters, International

As the President for Toastmasters International, an organization that has 16,000 clubs in 142 countries, 345,000 active members and over 5 million people who have been through their program, Saint John’s own Jim Kokocki was living a dream as he embarked on a whirlwind tour travelling the world visiting Toastmasters conferences and companies interested in bringing Toastmasters in-house. Read the rest of this entry »