The Importance of Coaching Breakthru Leaders

Attending the Breakthru awards event is one of the highlights of my year.  Breakthru – hosted by the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF), Breakthru logoCox & Palmer and Deloitte, is a nation-wide start-up competition that provides participants with a unique opportunity to access start-up capital, mentoring and support.

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The future is very bright

Calvin Milbury

Calvin Milbury, President and CEO of New Brunswick Innovation Foundation
Photo: James West/Telegraph-Journal

I made the mistake of thinking the“F” in NBIF stood for “fund”– it actually stands for “foundation” and that misconception happens to be Calvin Milbury’s pet peeve. “We always have to correct people.” According to Calvin – the President & CEO of the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation –“The genesis of NBIF is that it was intended not to just be a fund providing money. It was to be a foundation for innovation and to provide much more than money.”

Calvin was born and raised in New Brunswick. He attended school in Fredericton, did his undergrad in science (majoring in biology and chemistry), completed an MBA at UNB and headed to Montréal where he worked for Foragen Technologies Ventures, a national venture capital firm. Read the rest of this entry »