Evolving Solutions Founder Returns To Share Lessons Learned – with Chris Nadeau

How does “being like water” help an entrepreneur discover his profitable business model?  Chris Nadeau is the founder of Evolving Solutions, a provider of web based and social media tools for small businesses. And a company that recently went through some major changes.

Here are a couple of quotes from the last time I interviewed him, “We were banging our heads against the wall and then a light went on. Everybody needs a website”…”Our motto at the time was, if you risk nothing, you risk everything.”

Those are the challenges for an entrepreneur when building a business and it was inspiring to hear his story from those days. This time, I want to ask him about the challenges a small company has when major changes take place and how that impacts the bottom line.

Chris & I also discuss our new collaboration project.

Watch the FULL interview:

About Chris Nadeau

Chris “spreads the love” throughout Evolving Solutions & the Saint John, New Brunswick business community with his true affection for everything to do with the web. A former pro hockey player, Chris is a true “non-techie” that proves that anyone can make their business rock on the web.

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How do you manage collaboration and change?  Please share in the comments.