Surviving & thriving with the 360-Degree Feedback Process  

‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions’
– Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard is the author of one of my favorite quotes and I believe his quote captures the importance of leaders actively looking for feedback iStock_000005993333XSmallopportunities to help them develop into the ‘champions’ that lie within.

The opportunity to request feedback is all around us all the time. Yet many of us never take the opportunity to get rich feedback from the people that know us best.   There are many excuses not to enthusiastically solicit feedback, but consider behavioural statistician Joseph Folkman’s recent study of 51,896 leaders. He ‘found that leaders who ranked at the bottom 10% in asking for feedback were rated at the 15th percentile in overall leadership effectiveness. It appears that being open and willing to receive feedback from others is an essential skill for effective leaders.’ Read the rest of this entry »

On Innovation with David Alston

David Alston

“The bottom line is, the world runs on valued relationships between people”, says marketer and innovator David Alston, shown here at Planet Hatch in Fredericton.
Photo: James West, The Daily Gleaner

As published in the Telegraph-Journal Saturday, May 31, 2014

David Alston, chief innovation officer at Introhive, has always bounced back and forth between his three loves – technology, marketing and strategy.

If you look at his career path, he’s been involved in startups – generally tech startups – and marketing agencies.

Then there’s David’s happy place, where technology meets marketing – creating movements via marketing, helping and empowering people. He likes how it all can come together into an overall strategy.

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What’s Your Positive-to-Negative Ratio?

Positive Leadership and Productivity

Start the Day PositiveI’m working from my home office and I start my day about 15 minutes behind schedule . . . Not a big deal but I am already feeling a bit tense as I start making my notes for a conference call with a colleague. My 4-year-old daughter strolls out of her bedroom in her pajamas, spots me on my way to my office and says “Good morning Daddy. I’m happy to see you.” Immediately my day brightens.

Ten minutes later, when I hop on the phone with my colleague, I still have that positive energy. I could have begun our conversation by launching right into our time sensitive opportunity and the fact that I haven’t been able to reach him, instead I start by saying “How are you and how was your trip?’ That approach – which was so easy to do – helped to ensure that we had a positive, productive session.

In the words of my 7-year-old son and my wife (who happens to teach kindergarten), I chose to be a “bucket filler” instead of a “bucket dipper.” The Gallup Business Journal published an article that hasn’t lost it’s relevance – it’s about “bucket filling for adults” – the positive-to-negative ratio and the impact that leaders can have on the productivity of all their employees just by making the choice to foster a positive work environment. The little things do count. Read The Impact of Positive Leadership by Tom Rath, Coauthor of How Full Is Your Bucket? to learn more about increasing productivity in a positive way.

What are YOU doing to fill buckets around you?

Talking leadership with power broker
Aldéa Landry

Business Hall of Fame laureate Aldéa Landry. [Photo: Ron Ward/Times & Transcript]</br>

Business Hall of Fame laureate Aldéa Landry.
[Photo: Ron Ward/Times & Transcript]

As published in the Telegraph-Journal 19 Apr 2014

Aldéa Landry has done many things in her extraordinary career. She is a former chair of the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (the first woman to occupy the position) as well as being a member of the board of directors of the Bank of Canada and of the Security Intelligence Review Committee.

Aldéa was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1987 and to the Privy Council of Canada in 2005, she was awarded the Order of Canada in 2006 and received The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.

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What’s YOUR body language saying?

Don Khoury

Read my whole interview with the bold predictor, Don Khoury.

What kind of body language mistakes do you think people make
when speaking or making presentations?