Find what you’re passionate about and everything else will fall into place

Shilo Boucher, the president and CEO of the Saint John YMCA. [photo: Cindy Wilson, Telegraph-Journal]

Shilo Boucher, the president and CEO of the Saint John YMCA. [photo: Cindy Wilson, Telegraph-Journal]

Be prepared to learn a lot of different skills
As published in the Telegraph-Journal, Saturday, March 16, 2014

Shilo Boucher never dreamed she would be the CEO and president of the YMCA of Greater Saint John. She knew when she was a teenager that she wanted to be a chartered accountant and, as a woman who likes to get things done, that is exactly what she did.

After attending UNB Saint John, she quickly attained her chartered accountant designation and prepared to launch into her profession.

Shilo initially set her sights on building her career at Deloitte. When she became a manager, Shilo started looking for ways to give back to the community and she landed on the YMCA as the perfect place to volunteer. Through a friend, and mentor, the newly minted chartered accountant became a director and eventually the treasurer on the YMCA board.

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Irving Oil CEO: The ‘rust-belter from the U.S.’ says it’s important to listen


Paul Browning, CEO & President of Irving Oil
Photo by Kâté Braydon/Telegraph Journal

As published in the Telegraph-Journal, Saturday, February 15, 2014

Born in Detroit, raised in Cleveland, and a grad of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University, the new CEO and president of Irving Oil tells people he’s a “rust-belter from the US.”

Paul Browning started at General Electric right out of university, working in their corporate research and development lab in Schenectady, New York. He worked on everything from light bulbs to washing machines to medical imaging devices. While he enjoyed being an engineer, the corporate world had other ideas and pulled him from being an engineer at GE and into various leadership positions in Mexico and Europe within the Caterpillar organization.

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Keeping the Channels of Communication Open is Essential

Open and honest communication needed when leading change.

As published in the Telegraph-Journal on October 19, 2013
Ray Robinson, Saint John Energy
Ray Robinson, President & CEO
Saint John Energy
Photo: Cindy Wilson/Telegraph-Journal

Ray Robinson just celebrated his first year – of a five-year term – as President and Chief Executive Officer of Saint John Energy. With 35 years of electric utility sector experience, the board was very pleased to have Robinson take the helm at Saint John Energy last year. It felt Robinson was the perfect candidate to continue the organization’s mission of providing reliable, low cost energy to the community.

Saint John Energy is a publicly owned municipal utility that purchases wholesale electricity from New Brunswick Power Distribution and Customer Service Corporation and distributes it for retail sale to residences, businesses and industries within the boundaries of the City of Saint John.

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